The Mavericks

The more entrepreneurs we have the better for our society. Entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work with their innovativeness and creativity.

But aspiring young entrepreneurs certainly need a push. They need inspiration, mentorship, logistical support, practical business knowledge, and a ton of cash.

The Mavericks is scouting for ambitious, audacious, and tenacious young entrepreneurs with unconventional thinking-mentality, commercial insight and business sense for 22 weeks internship and competition programme where they will meet different mentors, educators, successful entrepreneurs while also competing for a grand prize of Five Million Naira and a brand new house, and with other nine winners going home with prizes.

Though no one enters real estate and would want to come out of it, but nonetheless, The Mavericks gives aspiring young entrepreneurs irrespective of their business ideas an opportunity to have a diversified knowledge in the dynamic business world and to compete for prizes that could turn their business dreams into reality.

After auditions and Boot Camp, the 40 finalists will make it to the Internship and Competition Programme. The candidates will live together for a period of 22 weeks, and will embark on different business tasks, and with a major business task/challenge of running their individual assigned business during the programme.

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